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Snarfs and Ponchos

Sew U.P. Style Co began as a "pet" project during the off-season spent in a small, rustic, cabin in Northern Michigan. Julie, at the time, was busy selling salt scrub, traveling all over the United States after being offered the job while on a routine stop at Wal-Mart.

She spent icy winters sewing mittens, hats, scarfs, and dog accessories inspired by Northern Michigan's rustic appeal. 

Today, anchored with a storefront on tourist destination Mackinac Island, MI, Sew U.P. Style Co is a boutique collective of original, handcrafted pieces and other featured luxury artisan goods making their way into wardrobes all over the country.

We’re excited you found your way all the way "U.P.” here. Allow us to show you our handcrafted collection as well as other hand-selected items curated for your unique style.

Welcome to Sew U.P. Style Co. 

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